About us

The Drinks Trust is the charity dedicated to the drinks and hospitality workforce. It strives to empower our people through services designed to assist financially, restore well-being and develop skills, and to do so with compassion and respect. In doing so, The Drinks Trust seeks to create an equitable industry where opportunities to thrive are open to all.


To assist financially, restore well-being and develop the skills of the drinks and hospitality workforce.


Openness – To be open as individuals and as an organisation, encouraging each other and others to approach us for assistance 

Compassion – To be compassionate to the needs of colleagues and industry peers 

Respect – To be respectful of one another and the diverse needs and situations of our beneficiaries 

Equality – To actively champion equality in the workplace and amongst the beneficiaries of our services 

Empowerment – To empower each other and our beneficiaries to succeed and thrive 

Our History

The Drinks Trust has been supporting the drinks industry since 1886, take a look at our story below to see where we’ve come from.

Our Partners

The Drinks Trust is supported through donations and fundraising from hundreds of industry businesses. Their generosity, time and insight make the work of The Drinks Trust achievable. We are hugely appreciative of their support and would like to thank them for their ongoing commitment to the charity.

Our Patrons

The Drinks Trust is honoured to introduce its first Patrons in its 136 years history. Their help and time in furthering our causes while helping The Drinks Trust to reach new audiences is greatly appreciated.

Our Trustees

The Drinks Trust is guided by leading professionals in the drinks industry. Their combined knowledge and experience provide the Trust with the insight and understanding to help the industry thrive.

Our Impact

Our Impact Report provides an overview of the work undertaken by The Drinks Trust in 2020 and in the first half of 2021 up until June. This period has been the most challenging of any living memory, both for the drinks and hospitality industry and society as a whole.