Financial Calculators and Tools

Whether you’re dealing with debt, struggling to make ends meet, or generally looking to take charge of your finances, The Drinks Trust partnered with Money Helper to offer you resources, to help you build a more secure future. 


We understand how detrimental financial hardship can be to someones mental health and wellbeing, how it can add stress and strain to relationships and how overwhelming debt and hardship can be. The Drinks Trust, in partnership with Money Helper, is offering free tools and calculators to help you navigating the complexity of common financial concerns.

Money Manager for Universal Credit claimants

If you’re on Universal Credit or think you might be using it in the future, our Money Manager tool can help guide you.

Money Navigator

If you’ve got money worries, you’re not alone. Our Money Navigator can give you guidance based on your particular situation.

Budget Planner

We want to help you know exactly where your money is being spent, and how much you’ve got coming in. Knowing where every pound is being spent is a great first step to starting your savings, getting out of debt or preparing for retirement. Our Budget Planner can help.

Credit Card Calculator

Credit cards are like having a loan for the amount you’ve spent using the card. They’re easy to carry, offer a way to buy-now-pay-later, and give you buyer’s protection. It’s easy to get stung with a credit card though, and that’s where our credit card calculator comes in.

Loan Calculator

Before you get a loan, when you’re looking to pay off a loan a bit faster, or when you need to take a step back and see where your outgoings are – that’s the time to use our loan calculator.

Debt Advice Locator

If you’re worried about debt, you don’t need to struggle alone. Speaking to a trained and experienced debt adviser about your situation can help you see what the best decision for you might be.


When you call our 24/7 confidential Support Line, we can give in-the-moment financial advice, refer you to relevant agencies and support networks, and provide all the latest information on available government funding.

We can also connect you to specialists for further one-to-one guidance on debt and other practical issues:

• Providing practical support and advice
• Referrals to relevant agencies and support networks
• All the latest information on available government funding


Contact our Support Line for Guidance and Advice

We understand how detrimental financial hardship can be to someones' mental health and wellbeing, that’s why we can provide financial assistance to drinks professionals who have fallen on hard times. Our Support Line is available 24/7 and completely free of charge. 

Call 0800 915 4610


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