The Drinks Industry Survey

Results from our annual survey reveal that professional development and wellbeing number one priority for drinks industry workforce. 

The Drinks Trust Industry Survey has been created to capture the current mood of the hospitality and drinks industry and understand the concerns and issues being faced. The survey comprised sections covering you, your work life and your well-being in the industry. 

By understanding the diverse nature of our industry, and what more needs to be done to evolve it, we can better support the drinks hospitality industry community.

Results from the annual survey conducted by The Drinks Trust revealed that almost all (96%) of the drinks industry want to undertake professional development initiatives to help them in their career in the next 12 months. 

Further key stats from the survey include:

  • While professional qualifications are the most desired form of development (25%), peer-to-peer networking also ranked as a significant priority (20%)
  • Just half (52%) of the industry are signposted to resources to support development, well-being, and mental health by their managers
  • While over half of the industry’s workforce benefit from some signposting to available resources, 40% of respondents are not spoken to by their managers about their development or well-being at all
  • Family and friends ranked the highest (52%) in terms of where people would go for support if they needed it
  • Peers are the first port of call in the workplace for 39% of respondents, followed by managers. 
  • When asked what was most likely to encourage people to stay in the industry, four out of five people (80%) said training opportunities would help hugely, while the same amount (80%) said better support from employers on the topic of wellbeing.

We would love to extend our gratitude to the over 800 respondents of our Annual Survey. 

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The Drinks Trust would love to extend its gratitude to the survey’s sponsors