The Drinks Industry Survey

In its fourth consecutive year, The Drinks Trust industry survey aims to capture the current state and mood of the drinks and hospitality industry and understand the concerns and issues of its workforce.

The Drinks Trust Industry Survey has been created to capture the current mood of the hospitality and drinks industry and understand the concerns and issues being faced. The survey comprised sections covering you, your work life and your well-being in the industry. 

According to our 2024 survey, proactive well-being support is the key to success for the drinks and hospitality industry and its people.

In 2024, staff within the industry are increasingly citing positive well-being approaches as critical to many areas of their work lives. There have been some positive improvements in recent years; uplifting data shows that almost half (41%) of people surveyed said that their businesses have improved well-being processes over the last five years, and - if a company has a well-being lead - the most common timeframe for sharing resources or offering training and support is once a month.

However, The Drinks Trust emphasises that there is still a long way to go, as nearly a third (29%) of individuals report never receiving communication from well-being leads regarding resources, support, or training. This is particularly concerning for industry employees who frequently work long or antisocial hours, as such support can be a crucial lifeline.

One beacon of positivity from the survey results shows that the sector had come a long way since the pandemic, when the reputation of drinks and hospitality careers was severely damaged. In 2024, two-thirds of respondents (65%) indicated that they view the drinks and hospitality industry as their long-term career choice, maintaining the same percentage as last year’s results.

Furthermore, many respondents say experience in front-line industry roles not only provides team members with a wealth of transferrable skills but is also proving critical to longer-term career prospects, with a third (31%) stating that service roles have been crucial in their development.


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