Practical Advice Sessions

There are several professional advice sessions available through our Support Line. These include, but are not limited to legal advice, financial and debt support, mediation, career guidance, life coaching, and a bespoke line for managers. 

Each beneficiary is entitled to one free 30-minute phone consultation per separate issue with a relevant expert service provider. At the end of the session, each caller will be offered to extend the continuation of services after the first free 30-minute consultation at their own expense. 

All of our experts will help and advise our industry colleagues as much as possible during the free consultation. Still, they will refer them to useful external resources if assessed as beneficial, especially if the caller will not wish to continue privately.




Occasionally, you may face a legal situation or have a question on a legal issue you would like to discuss with a trained legal professional. Our Support Line can provide consultations with solicitors for a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Family Law matters
  • Property Acquisition and Sales Conveyancing
  • Enduring powers of Attorney
  • Probate Law and Estate planning
  • Personal Injury claims, including Road Traffic Accidents
  • Consumer and Financial Law
  • Employment Law


Our Support Line can provide consultations and referral services for a wide range of financial issues. Qualified Financial Advisors are available to discuss common issues including:

  • Household budgeting; making ends meet – keeping track of personal spending – working towards financial budgets etc.
  • Borrowing Money & Debt management; prioritising debt – minimising expensive debt – engaging with lenders when things go off track
  • Saving & investing – understanding possible risks – ensuring that products are suitable for them
  • Life assurance /income replacement/ protecting loved ones – is the level of coverage adequate? understanding employers' benefits
  • Exiting the workforce; voluntary leaving decisions – exiting through a right-sizing programme – assessing their income needs after they leave
  • Retirement planning; will their projected income be sufficient? – protecting themselves against investment losses – entitlement to state benefits

Our partner for financial services is a qualified financial & tax adviser with a wealth of relevant experience in personal financial planning, taxation and more. Our financial expert can help with any financial queries anyone may have or can advise as to where they can access the most appropriate support (e.g. for personal insolvency issues). The most common queries received include household budgeting, difficulty with borrowings, saving & investment queries, retirement planning, financial protection (such as life assurance), and tax advice.


Mediation is a confidential, flexible, voluntary, impartial and informal approach to conflict resolution. The aim of the mediation service is to provide a safe opportunity for the parties involved to identify issues, explore options for the best way forward and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Our mediation information service is aimed at helping clients to figure out if mediation could help them find a mutually acceptable resolution to their issue.

The Mediation Process:

  • resolves disputes
  • confidential and impartial
  • quick and cost-effective
  • maintains relationships
  • controlled by the Parties
  • leads to Long Lasting Agreements



Life Coaching is a unique and convenient tool to assist people in achieving their goals. Life Coaching is appropriate for those who are ready to take action in their lives.

It is designed to promote self-awareness, clarify visions, values, intentions, and goals, and enhance life skills. Whilst not to be confused with counselling, Life Coaching can be valuable during personal or professional change. Coaching is a process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Coaching, like other EAP services, is private and confidential.

Our life coaches have significant experience in dealing with a variety of issues with people from diverse backgrounds in one-to-one as well as workshop delivery methods. Our life coaches can offer coaching in the following areas:

  • Confidence Coaching
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time management & organisation skills 


Our career coach specialises in career guidance, career planning, executive coaching, self-employment preparation and interview preparation, supporting clients of all life stages in discovering the kind of work they love and the practical steps needed to achieve it.


A particularly useful feature of our 24/7 support line is helping managers deal with employees when there is an emotional component to an issue causing concern. We have found that some managers find it particularly difficult to manage situations involving counselling an employee, which can also blur the boundaries of the manager-employee relationship. Our counsellors can help coach a manager in the best way to deal with others. This support can range like:

  • guidance on handling performance issues
  • discipline and grievance situations
  • managing change within their teams
  • breaking bad news to employees
  • supporting an employee who is having problems at home
  • handling interviews where an employee may become emotional.

Our counsellors can provide professional guidance on what to say and what not to say. They can help a manager appreciate the different perspectives of their employees and give practical guidance and advice on how to deal with the situation. Often managers find that just speaking to an external person in a confidential setting is a great source of pressure release.


All our Restore services are completely free and can be accessed by anyone in the industry, no matter your financial situation or length of service in the drinks hospitality industry.

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