Wellbeing Business Advisory Programme

The Drinks Trust is launching its Business Advisory Programme, conceived to meet the challenges that businesses face in designing and executing a meaningful wellbeing strategy.

The Drinks Trust's Business Advisory Programme was conceived to meet businesses' challenges in designing and executing a meaningful well-being strategy. This ground-breaking service, created specifically for the drinks and hospitality industry, provides ongoing support and proactive welfare solutions to members of the programme.

The Business Advisory Programme will focus on four key areas of health: physical, mental, social and financial, and will be executed via a network of trained “Wellbeing Champions” in each business who will help to shape the well-being strategy of their business, armed with a wealth of resources and expert advice.



The tailormade online platform will serve as a central online hub, housing a huge library of resources, webinars and a well-being calendar for the Business Advisory Programme members. 

if you are a BAP member you can access the platform here


The Business Advisory Programme also features consortium buying benefits, allowing members to choose from a variety of industry leading training options at reduced rates.


The Business Advisory Programme members will have exclusive access to quarterly live events which will include training and debates on key well-being topics.

The Business Advisory Programme is only open to Business Partners of The Drinks Trust and an annual fee to cover the costs of the membership. 

In addition to the Business Advisory Programme offering, the membership will include: 

  • Support from The Drinks Trust Wellbeing Lead
  • Training on platform
  • Access to our Wellbeing Champions course for 2 members of your team
  • Wellbeing Survey


if you are a BAP member, you can access the platform here

The Drinks Trust is still recruiting a limited number of businesses to join the Programme in the first year and join the following companies

To discuss how your business can join The Business Advisory Programme, please get in touch with our Team by filling the form below.