The challenges of the past few years have taken their toll on the physical and mental health of many colleagues in our drinks hospitality industry. The Drinks Trust is here to help. We have an abundance of tools and resources to support your wellbeing, all completely free to use.

We are supporting the drinks hospitality industry people in mind and body.


The Drinks Trust has partnered with Spectrum.Life, a leading corporate health and wellbeing provider, to provide enhanced wellbeing support to the drinks hospitality industry across the UK. The upgraded support line and wellness services have been introduced to provide vital mental health and wellbeing support to people working across the industry.

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Working in the drinks hospitality industry, you’ll know how challenging it can be to change your personal relationship with alcohol. The Drinks Trust has joined forces with Club Soda to provide mindful drinking courses for those who want to chart a more sustainable path when it comes to drinking, whether you’re looking to cut back or quit completely. 

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Without sleep, we struggle to function both physically and emotionally. And while we all experience trouble sleeping from time to time, the work patterns of the drinks hospitality industry can be particularly disruptive to a good night’s rest. We’ve partnered with Sleepstation, an online platform designed by sleep experts, to provide access to a sleep improvement programme complete with personalised reports and plans to help you get the best sleep possible.

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There’s a vast amount of research that shows how helpful counselling can be for dealing with the ups and downs of life. To put accessible mental healthcare in the hands of everyone in the drinks hospitality industry, we’ve teamed up with online therapy service Dr Julian, to offer one-to-one sessions with highly experienced therapists, and psychologists through video chat, telephone, and text message. 

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There are several professional advice sessions available through our Support Line. These include, but are not limited to legal advice, financial and debt support, mediation, career guidance, life coaching, and a bespoke line for managers. Each beneficiary is entitled to one free 30-minute phone consultation per separate issue with a relevant expert service provider. 

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Your wellbeing matters

All our Restore services are completely free and can be accessed by anyone in the industry, no matter your financial situation or length of service in the drinks hospitality industry.

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