London Wine Fair Panel - Employees well-being & productivity in the workplace

The working environment has evolved significantly in the past few years. As well as a good work-life balance and remote work opportunities, employees and job seekers have increased expectations from employers to recognise and support their well-being. Conversely, with employees spending more time away from the office environment, lack of work socialisation and management mental health oversight, is leaving staff increasingly vulnerable. Prioritising employee well-being not only helps to improve mental health but also significantly impacts your business by improving time lost to sickness and presenteeism and by extension, productivity and retention. The Drinks Trust has invited key speakers from our industry to share their experiences and policies aimed at safeguarding their colleagues' well-being.


Zara Irving, YesMore's Head of Client Services

Lucie Parker, Trade Director at Jeroboams

Clare Whitehead, Head of Education, Development and Engagement at Liberty Wines

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust